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Helping Our Teens | Preview (BBC Two)

Across the UK children and young people are struggling with their education as the long term impact of Covid is starting to show. With child mental health problems on the rise and record numbers missing from school, concerns have been raised about declining standards of behaviour and hours of education lost.

Marie Gentles OBE is a behaviour expert who believes a compassionate approach is the best way to help teenagers reach their potential. Over two episodes and her second series for the BBC, Marie will be working with one improving secondary school to see if her technique can transform behaviour to ensure students can thrive at school.

At Beacon Hill Academy in Dudley, West Midlands, exclusions were sky high when Mr Dhami became headteacher. He overhauled the schools behaviour policy and significantly reduced exclusions. Whilst standards of behaviour improved, some are struggling with the school’s strict behaviour policy.

Marie meets Year 10 Jayliyah who’s been clashing with the policy and is at risk of permanent exclusion. Jayliyah has already been excluded from two other secondary schools and could struggle to find another if she’s kicked out of Beacon Hill. Working with Jayliyah, her mum Gemma, and the school – can Marie turn things around before it’s too late?

Meanwhile Year 11 Taylor is struggling with an overwhelming low mood. It’s affecting Taylor’s studies In her GCSE year as she’s regularly missing lessons concerning her teachers who remember Taylor as a happy and engaged student. Alongside other agencies, Marie offers guidance to help Taylor learn to cope with her feelings.

Helping Our Teens airs Thursday 7th September at 9pm on BBC Two.


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