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Guilt | Series 3 Preview (BBC Two)

Award-winning thriller, Guilt, returns for its third, and final outing as brothers Max and Jake find themselves back in Scotland where the welcome isn't as warm as they'd hoped for.

Max is running a pub in Chicago with Jake but the business is floundering. However, after their money worries take an unexpected turn, the brothers find themselves deported back to Edinburgh where enemies old and new cause them to seek ever more desperate solutions to their problems.

In Leith, University student Skye owes money to local criminal Danny and tries to scare him and his gang off but the plan fatally backfires, leading to a police investigation headed by Yvonne.

Elsewhere, Teddy is managing a cannabis farm in the Borders for Maggie Lynch, while Kenny tries to help a family member out of a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Sir Jim Sturrock, the Leith-born chairman of Scotland's national bank faces a difficult choice.

On arrival in Edinburgh, Max and Jake find themselves delivered into the hands of Maggie Lynch’s heavies. However, that’s the least of their worries when a familiar – and dangerous - face from the past returns unexpectedly.

All four episodes of Guilt are available to view on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 25 April.


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