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Granite Harbour | Preview (BBC One)

Set in Aberdeen and starring rising talents Romario Simpson and Hannah Donaldson, Granite Harbour is a new three-part drama series for BBC Scotland, BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Granite Harbour centres on the story of Lance Corporal Davis Lindo (Romario Simpson) who arrives in Aberdeen as a new recruit to Police Scotland.

Having completed his final tour with the Royal Military Police, Lindo dreams of being a detective at New Scotland Yard. However, he finds himself being sent to train as a Detective Constable in the North East of Scotland, where he must quickly adapt to his new life in the city, a world away from anything he has known before.

Lindo finds an ally in his mentor, DCI Lara ‘Bart’ Bartlett (Hannah Donaldson), a razor-sharp, streetwise Aberdonian who is used to going solo.


Together, this unlikely partnership must navigate the choppy waters of their first case: the murder of one of Aberdeen’s most recognisable faces from the oil industry. Suddenly, Lindo and Bartlett find themselves thrust into a corporate battle between old and new energy.

The high-profile death stuns the city, leading to a murder investigation with historic roots as Trainee Detective Davis Lindo is thrown in at the deep end, forced to navigate a city and a force completely alien to him.

The new three-part drama also stars Dawn Steele, Gary Lewis, Fiona Bell, Bhav Joshi, Michelle Jeram, Andrew Still, Ron Donachie, Ross Anderson, Katia Winter, Caroline Deyga, Hiftu Quasem and Lisa Livingstone.

Granite Harbour begins Friday 2nd December on BBC One.


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