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The Good Karma Hospital | Series 4 Preview (ITV)

The Good Karma Hospital series four finds our tropical Indian hospital busy as ever.

The fierce and passionate Dr Lydia Fonseca is forced to confront her complex past and has to handle some home truths in order to save Greg (McConnell) from deportation and perhaps even their future together.

With Ruby still reeling following Gabriel’s shock departure, she struggles to see in to an uncertain future, makes rash decisions and tries to find ways to vent her fury. Two new doctors arrive at The Good Karma Hospital. Charismatic British Asian Dr Samir Hasan and Dr Nikita ‘Niki’ Sharma, the epitome of a young, privileged Indian woman who is getting a taste of medicine at the sharp end.

The series opens with a chance encounter between Ruby and Samir. Encouraged by Samir, Ruby breaks protocol when visiting a sick girl who has a deadly virus. Ruby and Samir take the girl (Karishma) to The Good Karma Hospital where Lydia recognises the Nipah virus but ignores Ram’s advice to refuse the child hospitalisation.

It’s a move that makes local politician Hira Grover a powerful enemy.

Greg encounters Frankie Martin and her neurodiverse son Bobby, who are visiting India so Bobby can observe the nations birds. Frankie, who is struggling to allow Bobby any freedom, suffers a health scare. New headstrong trainee doctor Niki Sharma intervenes to support Frankie in order to allow Bobby to stand on his own two feet.

As with all families, this medical family has their ups and downs, yet they are bound by duty to their patients - and love for one another. Escape with us.

The Good Karma Hospital returns Sunday 23rd January at 8pm on ITV.

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