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The Girl In The Box: The Kidnapping Of Stephanie Slater | Preview (Channel 5)

In January 1992, 25-year-old estate agent Stephanie Slater is kidnapped after arranging to show a man around a property for sale in Birmingham. The kidnapper contacts her employer demanding a £175,000 ransom, and threatens her life if the police are involved.

Despite the threat, police are brought in and a team of elite detectives prepare for a top-secret surveillance operation to try and intercept the kidnapper as he collects the ransom.

But is this the first crime this mysterious villain has committed? Six months before Stephanie’s kidnap, a young woman from Leeds had been kidnapped and murdered. Similarities led the police to believe that her killer could now be the man who’d taken Stephanie.

The police knew the ransom run was their best chance of catching him. On the night of the drop, the courier and the surveillance operation follow a series of instructions from the kidnapper to a remote Yorkshire track, while battling some of the worst fog of the year…

Will they catch the kidnapper red-handed?

The Girl In The Box begins Tuesday 28th February on Channel 5.


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