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George Clarke's Adventures In America | Preview (Channel 4)

In this four-part special, George Clarke takes a once in a lifetime odyssey across the United States, in search of the fascinating stories and people behind the buildings, that make America such a unique place.

It’s a six thousand mile journey of discovery for George in search of the best of American architecture and life. In his East Coast episode, George travels to New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Catskills.

Along the way, he stumbles across a poetry cabin in the woods and a disused zoo, pays homage to the legendary American architect Phillip Johnson at his glasshouse home, stays in a classics 1960s motel in the beach resort of Wildwood, and learns to make lobster rolls.

In the West Coast episode, George visits a town built to look like a Western movie set, investigates the mid-century beauty of Palm Springs and travels on the Aerial Tramway, he also visits a house made of mirrors in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert.

George then heads to Texas and Louisiana for a dose of Southern living, discovering life on a Texas ranch, and how German immigrants shaped the state. He also takes a trip to Louisiana famous bayou, uncovers the ugly truth behind plantation architecture and goes for a walking tour of New Orleans.

In the Florida episode, makes a flying visit to a community with its own private runway, where everyone owns a plane! George, also, marvels at Miami’s legendary colourful art deco architecture, as well as checking out a designer home built to survive flooding, before heading to key West to discover the secrets of laidback living at the very tip of the country

Begins Sunday 21st January at 9pm on Channel 4.


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