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The Gadget Show: Shop Smart, Save Money | Preview (Channel 5)

A brand new series that helps households from across the nation to find the right products at the right price.

Hosts Angellica Bell and Ortis Deley invite a different family along to their country retreat each week to help them make the best choices when buying items to make their lives just that little bit better.

Consumer journalists Georgie Barrat and Jon Bentley are also on hand to check out cost-effective ways of living more sustainably, and comparing premium products to budget versions to see if there’s money to be saved. And money-saving expert Harry Wallop with all the latest tips to make our money go that bit further.

This week the Choudhury family from Leicester join Angellica and Ortis to get help in choosing the best products, at the best price, to make their busy lives just that little bit easier. The active family of five have a range of issues which need the best value-for-money solution.

With a new baby in the household, childproofing their home is a priority – but without ruining the décor! Secondly, the impressive full-length bi-fold windows, which are the feature piece of their new home extension, look amazing but are a pain to keep clean.

Finally, the two football-mad daughters are desperate for some kit to fit in the back garden which would allow them to train together and improve their ball control skills.

For each dilemma Angellica and Ortis offer options and advice – always tailored to the family’s lifestyle and budget.

Jon investigates whether the best value lies when trying to create the shop-bought coffee experience at home. He compares two domestic coffee machines – one a premium offering and the other at the budget end of the market – to see if you really do need to spend a lot of dough to get a really good cup of joe.

And Georgie tackles car ownership and driving – is it really possible to be kinder to the planet and your wallet?

Shop Smart, Save Money begins Friday 29th September at 7pm on Channel 5.


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