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Funboys | Preview (BBC Three)

Life is hard. So, Callum and Jordan, two emotionally-unassembled young lads from Northern Ireland, start the Funboys’ Fun Club: a playgroup for childish young men to engage in wholesome mucking about.

But when a juice party goes awry, Callum’s ultra-religious fiancée, Morgan kicks them out and the Funboys must search for a new HQ. When they come across Marty, a catatonically depressed 60-year-old, can they bring joy back to his life and prove that fun won't necessarily lead to an eternity spent in raging hellfire?

Super Lemon (aka Rian Lennon and Ryan Early) say: “A short film based on our own sad, sad lives.”

Funboys is written by and stars Rian Lennon and Ryan Early. The producer is Simon Mayhew-Archer, the director is Rian Lennon. Funboys is produced by Camden Productions for BBC iPlayer and BBC Three. Commissioned for the BBC by Seb Barwell and Navi Lamba.

Funboys airs Tuesday 13th June at 10:15pm on BBC Three.


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