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First Dates Valentine's | Preview (Channel 4)

It's Valentine's Day at the First Dates restaurant and Fred Sirieix and the staff are serving up an extra portion of romance.

First to walk through the doors is 27-year-old 'clubbing queen' Amanda. Fed up with men too keen too soon, can former club rep Ryan set the right tone and keep Amanda on her toes? Businessman Brendan has invested a vast amount of time and money in finding love. The 48-year-old has been on around a thousand dates.

Swedish cakemaker Agneta immediately hits it off with Brendan over a shared love of singing and ballet. But then Brendan begins to quiz Agneta on her choice of underwear and toothbrushing habits! Annie works in recruitment but has struggled to headhunt a man of her own.

The 42-year-old had an arranged marriage at a very young age and has been out of the dating game for a decade. Fifty-year-old Dave encourages Annie to open up. Can Annie show that there's a vulnerable side underneath the glamour? Special effects make-up artist Erin gets lots of attention on Instagram.

But when she mentions her cerebral palsy to prospective suitors, she finds it's game over. In a bid to find a Valentine who can look beyond her disability, she's embarking on her first ever blind date on a meal with Andrew, a 23-year-old chef. Have the two got the right ingredients for romance?

First Dates Valentine's airs Tuesday 14th January on Channel 4.


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