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Find It, Fix It, Flog It | Series 8 Preview (Yesterday)

In a new series, specially commissioned by UKTV after it was axed by Channel 4, presenters Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien breathe new life into the stuff they find tucked away in people's sheds.

After some creative thinking, a lot of elbow grease and expert assistance from restorer Gemma and mechanic Allen, the selected items are fixed up and sold, with the help of expert valuer Ronnie Archer Morgan, hopefully with a profit for the items' owners.

In the first of ten episodes, Henry and Simon head for Shropshire to meet Marvin and Karen. Henry finds an old Ford truck in need of some simple if time consuming TLC, while Simon spots a 1970s TV set that just might just become a fish tank.

Both Henry and Simon have plans to convert unwanted items into table lamps….so a “lamp off “ ensues. Henry upcycles an old sweets dispenser, while Simon has designs on repurposing an old GPO rotary dial phone. Who will win and what will valuer Ronnie Archer Morgan make of it all?

Find It, Fix It, Flog It returns Monday 25th March on Yesterday.


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