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Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig | Series 3 Preview (Channel 4)

The award-winning series returns. Broadcaster and national treasure Sandi Toksvig entertains more holiday companions, as they gasp at the British Isles' most breathtaking landscapes and kick back in extraordinary escapes.

From unique historical renovations to architecturally outstanding new-builds and super-eco hideaways, Sandi finds plenty of time for candid?'off-duty' chats and revealing conversation.

In this first episode, Sandi ventures to the Republic of Ireland with award-winning stand-up comedian, Hollywood actor and marathon-running dynamo Eddie Izzard. On their Emerald Isle adventure, Sandi guides them to three breathtaking holiday hideaways in Counties Clare, Kerry and Cork, and they bond over homemade apple crumble and fishing rods.

Their first retreat in rural County Clare is a mini modern marvel called Teeroneer. Full of clever design tricks, this unconventional prize-winning property is clad in timber and boasts an Extraordinary Escapes first: a sunken kitchen that Sandi just has to cook in, and Eddie has to put her foot in!

From there, the Irish getaway continues in the extraordinary Ark Ranch Treehouse. Hand-built by one woman, it's crammed with beautifully crafted detail, invoking an overwhelming sense of childhood adventure, which utterly charms Eddie and Sandi. Their Emerald Isle adventure is rounded up in spectacular scenery.

Nestled in the mountains and lakes of County Kerry, the stylishly cosy Lost Cottage casts its spell over them both.A classic fusion of old and new, this remote rental is the jumping off point for Eddie's very first fishing trip. Steeped in the essence of wild and remote Ireland, this final location leaves Sandi and Eddie breathless.

Extraordinary Escapes with Sandi Toksvig returns Wednesday 7th June on Channel 4.


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