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Emmerdale - 50 Unforgettable Years | Preview (ITV)

This one-off special documentary celebrating 50 years of Emmerdale tells the story of how a sleepy daytime afternoon series about rural folk became the award-winning, ratings-busting, peak-time drama that it is today.

A mixture of compelling classic Emmerdale clips and rarely seen gems will be mined from the archive for viewers to relish.

From family feuds, fires and fights to more light-hearted moments from life on the farm and in the village that goes by the name of - Emmerdale.

They will feature alongside contributions from much-loved cast members, as the stars of Emmerdale past and present watch back their famous storylines to share reflections on their characters.

With a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes secrets and anecdotes, the acclaimed cast will remember key moments from the last five decades.

This milestone celebratory tribute will also recall some of the standout 74 weddings, 43 births and 105 deaths in the show since 1972, whilst reminiscing over some of the show’s most popular family dynasties including The Sugdens, The Tates and The Dingles.

Along the way, we’ll discover the original ambitions of Emmerdale Farm’s creator - the playwright Kevin Laffan, how the TV critics and viewers responded to the show and its early depiction of rural life, and ultimately how it has transformed to reflect th changing lives and appetites of its loyal audience.

Emmerdale At 50 airs Sunday 16th October on ITV.


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