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Eating With My Ex | Series 4 Preview (BBC Three)

Flame wants to know where it all went wrong with ex-girlfriend Alex. They’ve never discussed the demise of their passionate relationship … until now.

Tom And Hollie

Jade is desperate to find out why Higor didn’t want to show her off on his socials – was there another girl in the picture? Or could romance be on the cards again?

Jack thought Indigo was the girl for him – until she dumped him via text after just a couple of months. Jack needs to know why before he can move on.

Harrison And Emily

Osama needs to know if Avery lied to him about her pregnancy; Tom is eager to find out if Hollie was only after his money and Alan asks Mat why they’re still living together.

Courtney and Ellie debate whether they should give their romance another go, while Danielle wants Ibrahim to pay her back for their holiday from hell.

Luke And Olly

Harrison wants to apologise to Emily for putting the lads before her. Can she forgive and forget? Mia finds out if Amaya wants to be her back-up and Olly invites Luke to rekindle!

Eating With My Ex returns Sunday 2nd January on BBC Three.


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