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Dating With My Mates | Preview (W)

W’s brand-new heart-warming series, with a new spin on dating, Dating with my Mates follows a group of four single friends who go out for a three-course dinner with a difference. With each course, a date joins the mates at their table.

The drinks flow and the conversation sparkles, but when the plates are cleared, the date must leave. If the dates feel a connection, they can return at the end of the meal to ask out one of the mates.

But the mates can only say yes to one date! Will one friend be left on the shelf? Will the same friend get asked out by all three dates? Or will no one be asked out at all?! Whatever the result, this is a love story with friendship at its heart.

Episode 1, York: Hannah, Lou, Clare and Shannon are four fun-loving best friends from York, all looking for love. Will gym-goer Lewis, rugby player David or medical student Mike prove to be a match for any of the mates?

Dating With My Mates begins Wednesday 17th August at 8pm on W.


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