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Classic Car Garage | Preview (Yesterday)

A new UKTV Original series following Colin Denton, a dedicated and skilled mechanic who opens his North London garage at weekends for classic car owners to come and get the help they need to keep their precious cars on the road.

Colin and his team help fix a wide range of cars, from should-be museum pieces from the 1930s to modern classics and everything in between - even an electric milk float is welcomed into the Classic Car Garage!

In the first episode, a 289 AC Cobra comes in with an intermittent indicator issue but has the team scratching their heads about the provenance of the car. Amand heads to The Classic event at the historic Silverstone racetrack with the car’s owner.

Colin helps to fit wing mirrors on a car that’s often mistaken for a Lada, a 1972 Fiat 124 Special T and Mark tries to get to the bottom of what’s causing a 1968 Daimler to sound its horn at all the wrong times.

Classic Car Garage begins Thursday 20th April at 9pm on Yesterday.


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