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George Clarke's Amazing Spaces | Series 13 Preview (Channel 4)

George Clarke returns with a new series that celebrates small-space builders. He also unveils one of his most ambitious and personal builds to date, as he sets out to create a stunning, one-off Arts and Crafts caravan to replace the eccentric static he built in his first-ever series.

And he's not alone when it comes to ambition, adventure, and amazing builds, as he discovers an array of unlikely projects; from a converted plane to a boat sunk into a back garden.

In the first episode of the new series, George has the idea of turning a rusty scissor lift into a cabin in the sky and starts his Denmark trip with a visit to a modern take on the old Viking longhouse.

After a bus from a previous series burned in a fire, its owner replaces it with an ambitious new build made of four shipping containers. Plus, a beautician and her daughter create a four-wheeled beauty parlour.

Amazing Spaces returns Thursday 20th June at 9pm on Channel 4.

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