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George Clarke's Alaskan Adventure | Preview (Channel 4)

In this Amazing Spaces Christmas 2022 special, George Clarke heads across the pond to explore the magical, snowy world of Alaska.

In this exciting winter adventure, he's joined by William Hardie to discover the surprising array of architecture that Alaska has to offer, from out-of-this-world hotel pods, inspired by arctic explorers, to a beautiful chapel modelled on birch leaves.

They also visit an eco-cabin made of cork, an abandoned igloo hotel, a 1960s architectural gem and a quirky family ski chalet.

As well as diving deep into local design, the pair step into the rugged Alaskan wilderness to try their hands at ice fishing and build their very own dog sledge to travel across a frozen lake.

George Clarke's Alaskan Adventure airs Tuesday 20th December at 8pm on Channel 4.


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