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Christine McGuiness: Unmasking My Autism | Preview (BBC One)

This new film follows the well-received BBC One documentary, Paddy And Christine McGuinness: Our Family And Autism, which first aired in December 2021.

The hour-long documentary will uncover the untold story of how autism in women and girls has been ignored and misunderstood by science and society - often seen as something mostly affecting men - raising new and shocking questions around the effects of gender bias in diagnoses and support.

Christine will discover this, and more, as she goes on a heartfelt journey in search of practical answers for the thousands of other women like herself in the UK, who are spending years living undiagnosed or masking their symptoms, to the detriment of their mental health and wellbeing.

Christine McGuinness says: “My diagnosis is a positive thing and a big relief. But it’s just the devastation I feel for myself as a child. I’m heartbroken for that Christine.”

Christine McGuinness: Unmasking My Autism airs Tuesday 14th March on BBC One.


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