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Celebrity Christmas Hell | Preview (Channel 4)

Christmas may be a time when children up and down the land are wide-eyed with magic, families are singing carols around a beautifully decorated tree and famous people dress in matching pyjamas for magazine shoots.

Except, let's face it, that's not what it's really like. Johnny Vegas narrates as celebrity families open their doors to share their Christmas secrets.

Joel Dommett and wife Hannah, Danny Jones and wife Georgia, sisters Oti and Motsi Mabuse, Katherine Ryan and husband Bobby, Alex Brooker and mum Elaine, and husband and wife Michael and Hilary Whitehall share their family secrets.

From how they decorate the tree and wrap gifts to baking their favourite seasonal treats - with varying degrees of success - all proving that even if you're famous, you can still have a hellish family Christmas!

Airs Friday 30th December at 10:15pm on Channel 4.


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