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Call The Midwife | Series 13 Preview (BBC One)

Sister Julienne and Shelagh are thrilled that the new midwifery training scheme is underway, which includes pupil midwives Rosalind Clifford, Joyce Highland, Kathy Downes and Norelle Morris.

Once introduced to the routines of a home delivery, Rosalind and Joyce unpack their belongings and settle into Nonnatus House.

Dr Turner expresses his delight about a new scheme which allows GPs to deliver some of their more complex patients in hospital with a consultant on standby.

When Doreen Challis, a young woman with cerebral palsy, is confirmed to be pregnant, her mother Ada is furious, not only at the baby’s father, Graham, but Doreen’s sister Anne, who helped conceal the pregnancy. As concerns grow for Doreen, a shocking detail from her own birth comes to light.

Rosalind’s first birth on the district is a baptism of fire under Trixie’s tutelage. All seems to be going well until events take a dramatic turn, putting Trixie, Rosalind, mother and baby in danger.

When Violet regretfully tells Fred and Reggie that the fairground she’s booked for Easter Monday has cancelled, Reggie comes up with an idea that will bring the community together.

Meanwhile, the Nonnatus team learn of the nurses' Raise the Roof Campaign for better pay and conditions, and there is a clear divide of opinion around the table.

Call The Midwife returns Sunday 7th January at 8pm on BBC One.


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