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A Very British Job Agency | Preview (Channel 4)

This new series follows Bognor Regis's busiest - and most outrageous - recruitment agency in an eye-opening romp around the fast-changing world of work.

Staunch Brexiteers Sarah and Gaynor run Bognor Regis's premier recruitment agency and have been looking forward to living in a new Britain. But as they finally emerge from lockdown, the world of work looks very different to the one they had expected.

Before Brexit, 98% of their workforce had been Eastern European, but with only a handful remaining, they need to think outside the box to source a new supply of British workers.

Rich is charged with hosting a job fair to attract Bognor's unemployed onto the agency's books, Sarah heads to Bristol to tempt a group of ex-offenders back into work, and the agency set their sights on winning a huge new client in Sheffield as part of their plans for global expansion.

All three episodes of A Very British Job Agency are available to watch on All 4 following transmission on Monday 25th April.


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