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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad | Series 5 Preview (ITV1)

Bradley and Barney Walsh are back in their RV for another adventure, as the father and son duo return for a brandnew seven-part series of their hit ITV1 show, Bradley and Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad.

On a mission to explore all that Latin America has to offer, the fearless duo will aim to experience extremes as they travel to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

As always Barney remains determined to push his dad to the absolute limit with even more thrill-seeking activities, whilst also immersing themselves in the local culture and making memories that will last a lifetime.

This series kicks off with a double bill that takes Brad and Barney to the vibrant capital, Mexico City and Mexico’s beautiful Yucatan Peninsular. Their travels see them take on one of Mexico’s most iconic sports, Lucha Libre wresting, and Bradley’s fear of heights is pushed to the limit when he finds himself clinging to the side of a mountain.

The Walshes, still in Mexico, travel to the east of the country, which is home to the stunning beaches of the Yucatan Peninsular. But before they get their beach time, they must head deep into a pitch-dark cave, whose residents are hanging snakes and thousands of bats.

This series promises to be an unforgettable Latin American adventure, complete with breathtaking landscapes, heart-warming shared experiences and just a sprinkling of competitive spirit!

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad returns Tuesday 10th January on ITV1.


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