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Blindspot | Preview (Channel 5)

A brand-new four-part thriller starring newcomer Beth Alsbury, and featuring Ross Kemp’s return to drama after 15-years. Beth Alsbury plays the lead role of Hannah with BAFTA award-winning documentary maker, actor and author Ross Kemp co-starring as Police Detective Tony Warden.

Crystal Clarke (Sanditon), Sue Vincent (The Madame Blanc Mysteries), Kiran Landa (Coronation Street) and Michelle Bonnard (House of the Dragon) star as Amber, Dolly, Geri and Louisa respectively.

A year after witnessing a traumatising attack in her neighbourhood, Hannah (Alsbury), a young wheelchair user, witnesses a copycat attack on her area’s CCTV system, in the only part of the estate not covered by cameras. The attacker enters the area with an unknown woman but emerges alone.

What happened to the woman? Hannah believes she was murdered but there is no evidence of a crime. She feels thwarted by Tony (Kemp), the washed up and possibly corrupt police detective on the case, but she perseveres and soon finds her own life in danger trying to investigate what really happened in the Blind Spot.

In the second episode, Hannah escapes her attacker and tells Tony she was targeted because of what she saw on CCTV. Tony’s curiosity is aroused when she shows him the photo of the discarded T shirt and even more so when he sees the CCTV footage. Tony tells her he thinks Zoe’s killer is local drug dealer Max Carlton.

Geri warns Hannah not to endanger Louisa’s re-election with her snooping around. Hannah and Amber go to see Zoe’s father to see if he knew who Max was. Telling them Zoe worked at Dolly’s café, Richard berates them both, saying Zoe died saving Hannah. Hannah is warned off by a threatening phone call and follows the caller on CCTV to the cinema where she sees Tony giving him money.

In episode three, Tony sees the body of the man Hannah killed at Dolly’s house. Hannah checks in vain for Max’s number on a phone she took from the man she killed. Tony tells Amber and Louisa he knows who Hannah has killed and a shocked Amber calls the dead man’s phone which Hannah now has.

Hannah answers, puzzled as to how Amber could possibly know the man who attacked her. Tony tells Hannah that he knows who the witness to Zoe’s murder was. Hannah meets Chris, one of Max’s henchmen, gets hold of his phone, and sends Max a text saying to meet at the blind spot. Hannah waits for Max to arrive, joined by Tony.

In the final episode, Tony tells Hannah she is in serious trouble as she protests that she does not know who the woman on the CCTV was but says has heard mention of a girl called Ruby. Hannah receives an anonymous email saying she can have the missing CCTV footage for £5,000.

Simon traces the email to Louisa’s office. Tony finds a distinctive man’s overcoat at Louisa’s office which he has seen on the CCTV footage and asks Geri if she ever used the name Ruby. She tells him to check the electoral register.

Blind Spot begins Tuesday 4th July at 9pm on Channel 5.


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