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Billionaire Blooms | Preview (Channel 4)

Welcome to a world of beautiful bouquets, fabulous florals and sky-high stem counts. This series takes us behind the scenes with some of the UK's top florists, as they create floral wonderlands for their super-wealthy clients.

There's drama, tears, tension and triumph as we watch our talented designers tackle birthday parties, weddings, competitions and corporate installations for some of the country's best hotels and bars.

From building giant floral arches and adorning stately homes, to fashioning a dream wedding from nothing, we're right there for every technical malfunction, dropped petal and unforeseen hiccup. Whether it's transportation trauma, construction chaos, or the relentless ticking of the clock, there's no obstacle this talented bunch can't overcome as they share with us their stunning floral visions.

This is beauty in full bloom, supersized. In this first episode, super-florist Jamie is in Venice for his toughest gig yet, the wedding of one of his most treasured clients. This multi-venue event spans four days and the length and breadth of Venice. The challenge for Jamie is that he needs to transport himself, his team of almost 40 and over 100,000 stems of the best flowers available, everywhere by boat, in the baking heat of the day.

for all its challenges, this gig presents him with the opportunity to truly express himself, as there is no brief and no limit on the budget available! In London, rising star Afia tackles an outdoor wedding and has to think on her feet when construction issues threaten her design. And Ian and his team dress one of Edinburgh's swankiest hotels against the clock.

The whole series will be available to stream or download on All 4, for free, following the transmission of this episode on Thursday 27th April.

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