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Big Zuu’s Big Eats | Series 4 Preview (Dave)

Two-time BAFTA winning chef and presenter Big Zuu is back to cook for some of the UK’s biggest stars, with his best mates Tubsey and Hyder.

This time round, Zuu is inviting guests to The Mandem Manor. Yep, they’ve parked the food truck on the drive and will be upping the levels with a Badman Big Eat for every guest, including Alex Scott, Sir Mo Farah and Manchester rapper Aitch.

Not only will the guests be cooking it up in the kitchen with Zuu, each show, he’ll be joined by a new guest chef for inspiration. We’ll find out why Poppy Cooks is so obsessed with potatoes and whether Uncle Roger will ever forgive Wagamama for calling their food ‘Pan Asian’.

In the first episode, making his way down the drive in the bespoke Big Eats Bimmer, is the king of chat shows, Jonathan Ross. The boys offer a vegan Little Eat from grime music royalty and guest chef - JME.

Zuu quickly learns Jonathan is in fact an occasional vegan and after Jonathan cooks up his signature cheeseburger soup, it’s over to Zuu for the main event. Will Jonathan get onboard with sausage sushi? And will he be impressed by a Japanese dish reminiscent of a TV dinner?

Big Zuu's Big Eats returns Monday 25th September at 10pm on Dave.


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