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Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes In 12 Hours | Preview (ITV1)

Famed for his comedic flair, culinary prowess and musical ability, in this new six part series the multi-hyphenate Big Zuu will take both viewers and an all-star array of celebrity guests on a quest across Europe to get a true flavour of each city through sampling the delights of its local delicacies. 

In this funny, fresh and fast paced new format, Big Zuu will teach his famous travel companions everything they need to know about a place through tasting 12 dishes.


Whether it’s trying local street food or uncovering new gastronomic trends, through his culinary lens Zuu will guide both viewers and his celebrity guests across a number of cities as they seek out the destinations hidden gems, food markets, local eateries and fine dining restaurants showcasing a never before seen side to some of Europe’s most vibrant destinations.

Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours will serve up dishes that encapsulate the story of each city, whether that’s through its rich cultural history or its future facing food scene.

Immersing themselves in each location's culture, both Zuu and his celebrity guest will go off the beaten track befriending locals in a bid to authentically eat their cuisine.

Action packed from beginning to end, whilst on their whistle stop food tour, Zuu and his guests will have a limited time to treat their taste buds requiring them to travel across each location via foot, boat, tuk tuk and scooter as they seek out to sample 12 incredible dishes that best represent each cities culture.

Speaking of his new ITV series, Big Zuu said: “It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own food travelogue so I’m gassed to finally be able to announce this new show!..

"I feel like travelling the world and eating food was the natural next step for me and the audience who have followed me since the beginning of my TV career. I’m also excited that this series  is a co-pro with my own production label Big Productions and TwoFour. I’m so grateful to itv and Natalie Rose for making this happen!”

Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours begins Saturday 6th January at 10pm on ITV1.

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