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The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge | Preview (More4)

Sandi Toksvig hosts this brand-new competition that puts the miniature-making skills of 10 amateur crafters from across Britain to the test.

Over the series, amateur crafters must transform a derelict mini mansion into the ultimate fantasy house.

Dreaming big but building small, our mini makers work in teams to tackle the house room by room, with each room having to be fully furnished in a different and stunning interior design theme from history, from Regency to Art Deco.

Whether it be tiny tables, toilets, curtains or food, all of the contents made for the house must be shrunk down to a twelfth of their usual size. World-record holding micro-sculptor Dr Willard Wigan MBE and interior design guru Laura Jackson are tasked with judging the results, whittling the miniaturists down room by room, week by week.

Only when the mini mansion is complete can one person be crowned champion of the Great Big Tiny Design Challenge. Miniature enthusiast Sandi Toksvig oversees all the action, seeing the work up close and personal as she shrinks down to take a tiny tour of the finished rooms.

In this first episode, the miniaturists arrive at a Devonshire stately home where the derelict mini mansion they're tasked with transforming is revealed for the first time. The mini makers' first challenge is to create miniature busts of themselves, before being split into teams to design and make a Regency-themed dining room to go into the empty mini mansion.

The teams work against the clock to create their miniature dining rooms, complete with tiny food. And when the time is up, judges Dr Willard Wigan MBE and Laura Jackson decide which of the two designs will become the first room in the mini mansion, with one person from the losing team being eliminated from the competition.

Plus, Sandi visits Ickworth House in Suffolk for a tour of its stunning Regency dining room.

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge begins Sunday 27th March at 9pm on More4.


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