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Below Deck | Series 9 Preview (E4)

As the new season begins, an unfamiliar face welcomes the My Seanna crew aboard, shocking everyone.

Chief stewardess Heather's frustrations build when she is confronted with a difficult task. First officer Eddie struggles to bring his team up to speed while also dealing with changes in the wheelhouse. Lingering tension from last year's charter season threatens the harmony of the yacht.

Then, Captain Sean's hands-on managerial style continues to frustrate Eddie as the staff works hard to pull off an elaborate beach picnic for the guests.

Fraser feels pulled in multiple directions by his chief stew Heather, which leads to housekeeping falling through the cracks, much to the displeasure of the primary.

On the first night out, two crew members hook up, which could lead to stormy waters ahead for the whole team. Captain Lee arrives, but will his new crew be able to get their act together before the next charter?

Below Deck returns with Series 9 from Monday 16th January on E4.


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