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Bangers & Cash Restoring Classics | Series 2 Preview (Yesterday)

A new series of the Bangers & Cash spin-off show, which follows the journey of a vehicle purchased at a Mathewsons classic car auction, before being repaired, restored and then re-auctioned in order to find the vehicle a new home and loving owner (and to hopefully not lose too much dosh in the process…).

Derek Mathewson reckons it was a period of British car manufacturing that many would think best forgotten but the Restoring Classics team pays tribute to mid-80s-Midlands by breathing new life into what was once the fastest production MG ever made - the Montego Turbo.

Attracted by the car’s blistering 0-60 of just over 7 seconds, the team fail to pay enough attention to the blistering coachwork, ignore most of the advice and spend big. Meanwhile, the auction budget also lands some classic memorabilia in the form of a Shellmex globe that used to sit atop of petrol pumps.

An artistic route is taken, but will Derek appreciate it? There’s also catch up with a Cumbrian scout bus from the 1970s stirring up happy memories from the original Sixers who are now in their sixties.

Returns Thursday Thursday 11th May at 8pm on Yesterday.


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