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Badgers: Their Secret World | Preview (Channel 5)

In this unique series, Steve Backshall reveals the secret lives of one of the UK’s most iconic yet elusive species: the badger.

With cameras rigged both in and out of badger setts we open up their secret world to see badger behaviour at its wildest.

In the Gloucestershire countryside, Steve has a wonderful wild badger encounter, while deep in a specially rigged sett. Could a female badger called Peggy be about to give birth? If she does it will be what’s believed to be a world first – the only time a wild European badger will have given birth on camera!

We meet the captivating Bluebell Badgers and follow their lives above ground, seeing the nine-week-old cubs emerge from the sett for the very time, and we witness the harsher side of a badgers world, as young cub Edith recovers from terrible injuries at a rescue centre.

And badger housekeeping: the incredible lengths they go to for clean and tidy home!

Badgers: Their Secret World begins Wednesday 27th September at 7pm on Channel 5.


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