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Bad Education to return for a one-off, 10-year anniversary special episode (1x45), followed by the launch of a brand new series (6x30), which will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

The special episode of Bad Education will reunite useless teacher and big kid Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) with his old students one last time as they return to Abbey Grove for a joyfully chaotic careers day. The special marks a fond farewell to Jack Whitehall’s character Alfie and will be written by co-executive producers Whitehall and Freddy Syborn.

In the reunion special, it’s near the end of term at Abbey Grove, and Alfie is prepping for a careers presentation – really just an excuse to reunite all the old Class K and have a big party.

Meanwhile Stephen has been teaching at Abbey Grove for six months, but none of his old schoolfriends know this. He has been maintaining the fiction that he is now a musical theatre star on the rise and tells his pupils (the new Class K) that they cannot blow his cover.

Jack Whitehall says: "I’m so pumped for a ten-year anniversary special of Bad Education, the show that launched my career. I have such fond memories and it will be great for the fans to check in and find out what class K have been up to since they left and if Alfie Wickers is still as much of a melt as they remember."

Bad Education’s fourth season, due to air in early 2023, is set to return to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer and is made by award-winning Tiger Aspect Productions (part of Banijay UK) and Jackpot Productions.

Series 4 will see Stephen and Mitchell get to grips with their new career and wayward students, all whilst new headteacher and control freak Ms Hoburn (Vicki Pepperdine) looms large.

Meanwhile, recently departed head Mr Fraser (Mathew Horne) and his questionable ‘bants’ continues to hang around the school kitchen, as HR struggle to fire him.

We welcome new classmates to the school; glamorous gossip Usma (Asha Hassan), wannabe roadman Inchez (Anthony J Abraham), himbo Harrison (Bobby Johnson), clueless slacktivist Jinx (Laura Marcus), eccentric Warren (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) and energetic hustler, Blessing (Francesca Amewudah-Rivers).

Bad Education airs Thursday 15th December on BBC Three ond iPlayer.

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