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Annika | Series 2 Preview (Alibi)

Second series. Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed (Nicola Walker) and the Marine Homicide Unit return to solve more brutal and unexplained murders that wash up in Scotland’s waters.

The team are challenged as their dynamics shift, pushing them to rapidly adapt as they encounter murders more complex than ever before. Meanwhile, Annika balances a family dynamic that grows more complicated as long-held secrets from the past begin to impact her relationships.

In episode one, when a phone with a brutal drowning recorded on it is handed in to MHU headquarters, the pressure is on for Annika and the team to track down the murderer. The team uncover a cruise ship’s drug dealing exploits and the licentious activities of the victim but things are complicated when their number one suspect seems to have a bulletproof alibi.

Meanwhile, Annika struggles to find the opportunity to share a deep secret with Michael (Jamie Sives) that could change his life and their relationship forever. Blair (Katie Leung) and Tyrone (Ukweli Roach) each share some important and shocking news of their own.

In episode two, when a newly released prisoner is found dead in a dog cage under the Forth Rail Bridge, the team are sent to Edinburgh to find her killer. Assisted by the astute and witty Edinburgh DC Harper Weston, the team trace the victim’s last activities through the city, investigating the lavish world of upmarket New Town, high-end art galleries and a famous Edinburgh comedy club.

As the case unfolds, Annika reflects on punishments in the Edinburgh novel Waverley and realises that the victim’s conviction may be more central to her death than they initially thought. Annika also shares with Michael a truth she’s been hiding for years

In episode three, a Scottish millionaire found dead in a shark tank becomes Annika and the team’s most high-profile investigation yet. The victim appears to be a generous advocate for the environment, respected innovator and loved family member. But like Jekyll and Hyde, the cracks in his persona begin to show as Annika and the team uncover the hidden monster within.

Things get personal as Annika becomes a victim of a cyber-based attack. On the heels of the revelation of a long-held secret, Annika and Michael’s personal life starts to spill over into work

Annika (6x60') returns Wednesday 9th August at 9pm on Alibi.


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