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Amanda Owen's Farming Lives | Preview (More4)

Britain's most famous shepherdess - best-selling author Amanda Owen - travels across the UK to discover other farmers' inspirational and moving stories in a new six-part series.

Set amongst some of the UK's most breath-taking landscapes, mum-of-nine Amanda discovers what makes each business tick as she immerses herself in six very different farms - including those passed down through the generations, others that have been taken on by families that are totally new to rural life, and farms that have battled for survival, whether against the elements, Covid or BSE.

In this episode, Amanda leaves behind her Yorkshire farm to head to Shetland, at the northernmost tip of the UK. Here she joins inspirational young sisters Kirsty and Aimee on their stunning coastal farm, which they took over after the tragic death of their father.

As well as hearing their moving story, Amanda gets stuck into daily farming life, including helping the sisters move their cattle across the island, as she finds out how they manage to make a living in such an isolated setting.

But it's not all hard work down on the farm, as Amanda takes her place at the farmhouse table for a family dinner party, where she samples traditional Shetland fare, before joining Aimee and Kirsty for a magical horse ride across the sands.

Amanda Owen's Farming Lives begins Wednesday 25th January on More4.


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