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Alan Carr's Adventures With Agatha Christie | Preview (More4)

In this brand-new programme, Alan Carr goes on a very personal, Great British literary journey of a lifetime to discover more about his favourite childhood author, Agatha Christie, and two of her most beloved characters, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

As a lifelong Christie fan, Alan heads off in search of the places that inspired his literary heroine and one of the world's best-loved and most-read literary figures. Agatha's novels are not only clever, twisting and satisfying - they're intrinsically British.

No other author sums up the idea of a bygone Britishness quite the way she does. From Miss Marple's genteel and pastoral world of tea with the Vicar, to the metropolitan elegance depicted in Poirot, Agatha Christie's picture of Britishness can be hard to find in modern Britain... but Alan is going to try.

Armed with facts about Agatha's life and his own, this distinctly personal journey celebrates the quintessentially British locations that captivated Agatha and her readers.

From trips around quaint West Country villages, countryside and coast, to uncovering the glamour of art deco London, this fresh and funny love letter to beautiful and breathtaking British scenery celebrates one of Britain's greatest writers.

In this first episode, Alan uncovers the clues behind the greatest crime writer of all time. Along the way, he meets fellow fans including the Reverend Richard Coles and visit locations including the remote yet stunning Burgh Island and Greenway House in Devon, which helped influence some of Agatha Christie's most successful novels.

Alan goes behind the scenes of the world's longest running play of 70 years, The Mousetrap, to discover the secrets of its longevity and success. He also discovers what Agatha was like in her younger years with some surprising revelations, and investigates what really happened in her much-publicised disappearance.

Begins Sunday 14th August at 9pm on More4.


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