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Air Fryers: Which One Is Best for You? | Preview (Channel 5)

How do you know when someone’s got an air fryer? Because they just can’t stop talking about it! This show starts with a tongue in cheek look at how these ‘outta space’ gadgets have gripped a nation, apparent from the vast number of humorous posts seen on social media.

Alexis Conran runs an air fryer surgery with cook and author Clare Andrews as the pair set the record straight on these ‘back-to-the-future’ kitchen wizards and answer an array of air fryer dilemmas that are keeping the nation awake at night.

A series of video questions that are filling up Clare’s inbox are beamed into the surgery, ranging from ‘how do I get started?’ and ‘can I make soup?’ to ‘how can I stop it beeping, my dog’s traumatised’. Clare visits technophobe couple Sarah and Steve in Kent, who aren’t sure how to get started with their new air fryer and are hoping this machine can help solve their health problems.

The show is packed with celebrity insights from Jenny Powell, Sherrie Hewson, John Thomson, Christopher Biggins and Axel Blake.

Airs Wednesday 20th March at 8pm on Channel 5.


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