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60 Days On The Estates | Preview (Channel 4)

With over a million households on England's social housing waiting list, according to Shelter England's social housing deficit campaign, filmmaker Ed Stafford moves into some of the UK's most troubled housing estates for 60 days and nights, to look beyond the tabloid headlines and experience first-hand the daily hardships that locals face.

From the reality of parents choosing between eating and heating and families inhabiting inferior living conditions, to drug addiction, gang violence and people who are worried about going outside, Ed encounters the communities and charities pulling together against the odds to improve these neighbourhoods.

In this episode, Ed's in Northumberland Park, north London, where he meets a mum with three sets of twins under 11 who live in a one-bed council flat which has recurring damp. She's been trying to get moved for years with little success, even though one of her children suffers with asthma.

Ed also meets a 45-year-old resident who started smoking crack at 17. Today, he lives alone in a housing association flat and faces a daily struggle to stay off drugs. And Ed encounters the darkerness of gun and knife crime in the area and is unsettled to discover that kids as young as 13 are still getting drawn in against their better judgment.

60 Days On The Estates begins Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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