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22 Kids And Counting | Series 4 Preview (Channel 5)

Millie’s unborn child is severely distressed, and she’s rushed to the hospital.

The fourth eldest Radford, Katie, has gone missing. Full of mistrust and jealousy, she’s packed her bags to follow long-term boyfriend Connor to Zante, where he’s on a lads holiday.

Little does ‘good guy’ Connor suspect that he’ll be followed out there by his girlfriend. But imagine his double horror when his in-laws, a worried-sick Noel and Sue also show up, trying to track down their AWOL daughter who has gone completely off radar.

Back at the hospital, and following the unexpected and frightening drama of Millie’s routine scan, beautiful Elodie-Jade is eventually born. Everyone is safe and well. The well-oiled routine of introducing a new addition to the Radford clan can happen once more, back at Noel and Sue 's bustling family home.

22 Kids And Counting returns Sunday 7th January at 8pm on Channel 5.


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