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After an award-winning three part pilot run last year, Peacock returns for a six part series starring Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa (People Just Do Nothing, The Curse) as the eponymous Andy Peacock - personal trainer and man out of time.

Now the proud owner of a body-positive fitness business and in an actual adult relationship, Andy’s life is on the up. Only his ego can mess things up now…

Episode 1: Liz has disappeared, leaving a vacuum at the gym that Andy and Jay compete to fill. With his body positivity classes struggling and his relationship drifting, can Andy afford to lose?

Episode 2: Andy starts at the new gym, but he is soon spooked by high-energy fitness influencer Kara’s talk of high standards. Will he be fired in his first week? And will his long-distance bromance with Spooner survive?

Episode 3: It’s mental health week at the gym, and Andy is worried that his relationship with Georgia is drifting. Will her suggestion of a threesome fix things? Or will Andy ruin everything?

Episode 4: Andy is dumped and embarks on a brutal ‘revenge body’ diet. Spooner and Blue hold a wild house party to reclaim their cool. Will Andy’s nerve hold? Or will we see the return of the legendary 'Mad' Andy and his firework?

Episode 5: Andy is (sort of) diagnosed with low testosterone and is in a funk. Kara endorses a preworkout that has unfortunate side effects. Jonathan and Eunice start a steamy affair. Can Andy get his manly mojo back?

Episode 6: Kara offers Andy the chance to be a fitness influencer. Free stuff! He and Spooner make up, but Kara has other ideas for Andy, including a swaggy makeover. Jonathan is banned from the gym, as Eunice can’t resist his charms.

Peacock returns Tuesday 19th June at 9pm on BBC Three.


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