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Paramount+ has revealed a new slate of factual commissions ahead of the launch of Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 22nd June.

Hot Yachts

6x60’, Curve Media

Set in South Florida, the centre of the luxury yacht world, Hot Yachts enters the glamorous world of an elite group of super-competitive, party-loving, drop-dead gorgeous yacht brokers as they ruthlessly compete to sell everything from $1M motor launches to $100M super yachts to a glittering array of wealthy buyers. Get ready for big characters, insane parties, huge deals and the ultimate Instagram lifestyle in this reality series.

Monster: The Mystery of Loch Ness

3x60’, Two Rivers Media, All3Media

Some say it’s a prehistoric monster, giant eel or sea serpent. For centuries, the deep black waters of Loch Ness have harboured tales and sightings of a huge unknown creature.

This epic three-part box set tells the complete and definitive story in a detailed forensic examination of the evidence, and with first-hand accounts from those who claim to have seen, encountered and hunted the beast.

Simple Minds: Once Upon a Time (w/t)

1x75’, Lonesome Pine Productions

Over three years in the making, Simple Minds: Once Upon a Time (w/t) presents the untold story of one of Scotland’s biggest musical exports. For the first time ever, Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill tell their own story: the highs and lows of a forty-year career and a fifty-year friendship.


6x60’, Firecracker Scotland

This series takes you into the glamourous, aspirational world of strippers working the iconic Vegas Strip. For these women, stripping isn’t just a way to make ends meet, it’s a profession, an art form and a cornerstone of the economy. From the glitzy stages to the VIP rooms in the super clubs, Strip will follow a main cast of nine women onstage, backstage and at home, all determined to be the best in the business.

The Premiership: Rise of the Billionaires (w/t)

4x60’, Story Films, Studio 99, All3Media International

This is the English Premier League’s coming of age story, told by its stars. As the Premier League entered its second decade (2000-2010), international billionaires set out to make their mark on the footballing landscape with open cheque books, transforming the game forever. With drama both on and off the pitch, this is the era that English football truly found its place on the world stage.


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