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PREVIEW: The Pandemic At No. 47, Channel 4

A film to mark the anniversary of the first national lockdown.

Director Paddy Wivell (Prison) films the effect that this prolonged period of isolation has had on his own community. Like many British people he only knows a few of his neighbours. And, of course, the rules of lockdown prevent the public from visiting other people in their homes or even standing within two metres of each other.

So Wivell embraces these restrictions and films the diverse mix of London residents at a distance - through their doorways and windows. Over the months that follow, the filmmaker befriends people who were once strangers, as they reveal their fears and anxieties but also enjoy some new-found opportunities. What emerges is a 'socially distant' but intimate film about people recalibrating what is important in life.

Pandemic At No. 47 airs Wednesday 03rd March on Channel 4.


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