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Channel 5 have confirmed that Michael Palin will return to the channel with a new "undisclosed" project. Channel 5 have not announced the series, however Michael has revealed more details.

It follows two successful series Palin has presented on the Channel. In 2018 he travelled to North Korea which reached 4.5m viewers and was nominated for two BAFTAs.

The Sun reports that the star is to travel to Nigeria in West Africa. Palin commented: "We’re planning a three week trip in October and November but getting all the permissions and security ready is a real challenge. I hope I’ll be OK, getting back on the road."

Last year, Palin returned to Channel 5 with Into Iraq, which followed Michael as he embarked on a 1000-mile odyssey, following the course of the great Tigris river from its source in eastern Turkey to the Persian Gulf.

Most of his journey was through Iraq and Michael visited Mosul and Erbil, before following the river to Tikrit. He then moved on to Baghdad, exploring bustling city life and the Green Zone. As he head further south Michael sees the legendary sites of Babylon and Ur before completing his journey on the coast of Iraq.

Paramount’s Chief Content Officer, UK, Ben Frow said: “Our aim is to deliver an exciting, diverse and eclectic schedule of originated content for our viewers that reinforces our public service remit, whilst demonstrating how the creative and the commercial can work hand-in-hand to make exciting and rewarding television. Of course, it always helps to be working with such stellar talent!”

More details about Palin's new project will be officially announced in due course.


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