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Led by director James Bluemel, the team behind the multi-award winning documentary series Once Upon A Time In Iraq returns with a new four-part series telling the human stories of the people, communities and families caught up in the decades-long conflict in Northern Ireland.

It is almost a quarter of a century since the signing of the Belfast/Good Friday agreement that brought an end to the conflict, but Northern Ireland remains haunted by twin spectres: its past and its future.

No shared story of the past has ever been agreed, and the future that many hoped might be peaceful is still clouded by uncertainty. This series aims to understand both those spectres and how they are a continuing presence in the lives of all those who live there.

Through evocative first-person testimony, the series will bring a fresh perspective on the Troubles, throwing light on the reality of lives lived in places where the past still casts a long shadow.

Mixing archive footage and personal testimonies from all sides of the conflict, untold stories emerge from the decades of war that tore apart communities living cheek-by-jowl, and still threatens the fragile peace more than two decades on.

Eddie Doyle, Head of Content Commissioning, BBC Northern Ireland, says: “This is an important co-commission and will provide a new perspective on the events and legacies of The Troubles....

"It’s a challenging subject and one that continues to affect everyday life for many people in Northern Ireland. This series will capture some of their stories and the human cost of conflict. And it will be a powerful addition to other BBC programming in this area.”

The four part series is a co-commission between BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Two, and will be co-produced by Keo Films and Walk on Air Films.


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