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Singer and actress Molly Rainford, currently starring on Strictly Come Dancing, returns for a second series as trend-setting singing superstar Nova Jones on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

The musical adventure series follows the out-of-this-world exploits of Nova and her crew on board the Jefferson Spaceship.

With 12 new original songs, and new characters such as the Dollograms - a red, green and blue trio of identical hologram backing dancers who definitely want to do the show their way – the series is nothing short of the joyful musical extravaganza viewers have grown to love.

From Nova being thrown back in time and trapped in her old girl band to having to prove she is the real Nova at SuperNovaCon, viewers can expect to see their favourite popstar find her way out of several challenges – all with the help of her hardworking sister, McLaren (Grace Barkley).

Special guest star Rosie McClelland also makes an appearance in the new series as influencer extraordinaire, The Influencer, in an episode focusing on mental health and looking after yourself.

Returning to travel the universe with Nova is her crew are The Captain (John Lynn) and his robot arm named Digit, his excitable sidekick and big time Nova fan, Sid (David Byrne), Kid Songwriter (Samuel Palliser Kehoe), messy baby / culinary genius Chef Din-Dins (Ace Bradley Donaldson) and a crew of colourful aliens.

Molly Rainford says: “I'm so excited for you all to see what Nova gets up to in series two! She's back for more intergalactic pop stardom with even more great songs.”

Nova Jones series two is set to TX at 17:30 on 28 October weekly on CBBC with the first five episodes available on BBC iPlayer on the same day. It will be repeated at 9.05am from 29 October weekly on BBC Two.

The series was filmed in Belfast with funding from Northern Ireland Screen and Screen Ireland and produced by JAM Media for CBBC and RTÉ.


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