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Fremantle has announced that it has acquired the global distribution rights after investing in Reshet 13’s new prime time format, The Next Restaurant.

Originally created by Ami Glam and Yuval Cohen for leading Israeli TV giant Reshet 13, The Next Restaurant, recently launched in January to record debuting ratings, where it became their highest original programme launch for three years.

The Next Restaurant is a new original reality food show that creates, for the first time, a link between a reality show and reality itself. Viewers at home can finally put away their delivery services, their craving for what’s on screen and become food-judges themselves.

The Next Restaurant is a show about dreams coming true. Every week begins with an audition-episode: four contestants sharing a passion of setting up his or her own restaurant, where they present their vision to the judges. Their vision is detailed down to every element: the concept, what the menu holds, what music plays, what kind of service they provide, to the overall look and feel of the restaurant.

They present these elements while serving two dishes from the menu in a small studio-built prototype of their restaurant – where they aim to convince the judges to give them the opportunity to open [Tel Aviv’s] Next Restaurant. Each audition-episode ends with a winning restaurant, which opens to the public the following night for an entire week.

Each restaurant is active for one week filled with glorious moments, its stressful points, and its ups, and downs, that will be summed up in a following episode of which the restaurant receives its weighted score. This score is based on the evaluations of diners, investors, restaurant critic and the four judges who follow every step and element during this part. The contestant who gets the highest score and wins the competition will receive their dream restaurant for an entire year.

Ami Glam and Yuval Cohen, Co-Creators said “The Next Restaurant is a ground-breaking format in cooking shows, which for the first time ever, allows viewers to be a real part of the experience and judging the show. We are sure that this format can successfully travel internationally and are very happy with our wonderful partner Fremantle to invest in and distribute the show.”

Rob Clark, Director of Global Entertainment at Fremantle, said “The Next Restaurant is a brand-new format which really excites me, it’s in the food space, but at its heart is structured like a talent show with a reality arch...

“What’s also tickling my taste buds and exciting my palate is that this series has a unique production model and consequently has a unique broadcast model with all the right ingredients to keep it fresh, one of constant discovery, of new talent and of new stories. These stories are driven by passion and are deep seated, and real – and this is what separates itself from other shows in this genre”


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