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Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country following Sarah, her husband Graham Swift and their four sons as they continue to create a new life on a former dairy farm in Somerset, has been renewed for a second peak time series on Channel 4.

Having overcome the challenges of building their new home, a stone-clad, seven-bedroom house, the family now have limited time and a tight budget to fit out the interior. Graham has big plans to capture the spirit of a historic stately home, while Sarah and they boys each have their own dreams. And with so many rooms to complete, there’s a huge amount of work for them all to do.

Outside the house, the family continue to enjoy rural pursuits that offer a change of pace from the building work. Sarah and Graham want to learn traditional crafts and skills that are practiced by local artisans, even calling on the boys to help with the reed harvest so that Sarah can attempt making cane furniture.

Sarah and Graham also want to encourage the family to try and grow more of their own veg, add more animals to the family’s menagerie, and install a camera into their owl box to learn more about the local wildlife.

Sarah Beeny’s New Life In The Country, 8x60’ will air later this year.

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