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The irrepressible Tracy Beaker is back - and now she’s a mum.

My Mum Tracy Beaker follows Tracy and her daughter Jess, as they try to scrape by financially, but with a close and loving bond that Tracy missed out on with her own mum.

Told from the perspective of 10 year-old Jess, the series tells how their lives are drastically changed with the arrival of Tracy’s rich new boyfriend, Sean Godfrey.

Jess Beaker loves nothing more than spending time with her mum in their cosy little flat, hanging out at the café where Tracy waits tables or joining Tracy on her shifts as a dog walker. When Jess accidentally gets into a tussle with Tyrone, the boy who teases her at school, Tracy - in classic Beaker style - flies off the handle at Jess’ teacher Miss Oliver. Annoyed with herself about her outburst, Tracy ends up at the gym looking for kickboxing classes to channel her ‘anger issues’ and bumps into gym owner and childhood friend Sean Godfrey, who also happens to be a recently retired and very rich footballer.

Jess isn’t so sure about Sean Godfrey when he asks Tracy on a date, and neither is Tracy. But Sean soon wins Tracy round, as well as charming the residents of Jess and Tracy’s estate. Tyrone in particular is very impressed with the celebrity status of Tracy’s new boyfriend, but Jess is less easily charmed. Although when Sean surprises Jess with Alfie, a dog of her own, Jess doesn’t know what to think. As Tracy and Sean’s relationship starts to get serious, Jess is worried that their cosy little world is about to be disrupted.

My Mum Tracy Beaker begins 12th February on CBBC and iPlayer.


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