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Hosted by football legend Ian Wright, Moneyball is a prime time game show where the difference between winning life-changing money and going home with nothing rests entirely on the roll of a ball.

This time, contestants will play in pairs with the aim of winning the cash prize. The first series averaged 1.8m during various Saturday night slots in Autumn 2021.

Navigating their way through a series of questions, each correct answer earns hopeful players a ball which they roll onto ‘The Launcher’ - the machine at the helm of this brand-new high octane show.

In this game of skill, contestants must press a button to ‘Lock The Launcher’ - setting the height in which the ball will be dropped from. The higher the ball drops from the longer it will keep rolling. Tensions run high as the ball rolls back and forth until it comes to rest on an amount of cash or a dreaded ‘Danger’ sign.

The cash up for grabs continues to climb but so does the pressure, leaving both players and viewers in suspense.

And before contestants can think about spending their winnings, they need to play one final ball - a Moneyball, which could see them leaving with their hard-earned cash or going home with nothing.

Previous episodes of Moneyball are available on ITV Hub. The second series will air later this year on ITV. Click here to apply.


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