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Mobility is a comedy short for BBC Three, that follows three Huddersfield teenagers with nothing in common except that they all have to catch the mobility bus to school.

It’s the first day of 6th Form, and Mike (Jack Carroll) is looking forward to a bit of social mobility. He’s way better than the group of loser friends he’s somehow accrued, and aspires to higher things.

But for now Mike is stuck with Sunny, an upbeat and unapologetic geek, and Dan, a lad so acerbic he only communicates in put-downs. Mike thinks he can do better, but he’s going to find it hard to shake them off: Mike, Sunny and Dan all use the mobility bus. Mike has cerebral palsy, Sunny uses a wheelchair, and Dan Syndrome has Down’s Syndrome. So Mike, Sunny and Dan are trapped together, at least for the ride to school.

Jack Carroll says: “It has been a near lifelong ambition of mine to write and perform in a narrative comedy for the BBC. I’m delighted that this has taken the form of Mobility, a funny and irreverent look at the lives of teenagers with disabilities, and their daily mobility bus trip to college...

“Deep thanks to my token able-bodied colleagues (‘coz you’ve gotta have a couple on every production these days) – our brilliant producer Sam Ward and my excellent co-writer Tom Gregory for all the laughs and insight they’ve brought to the show, although as I keep telling them I can’t ‘just sort them out with a blue badge’.”

Sam Ward, executive producer for Test Mouse Productions: “During Lockdown, Jack and Tom’s Twitter stalking became so relentless that eventually I had no choice but to develop and produce their wonderful script with them, and I’m thrilled that my subsequent stalking of David Simpson lead to a co-production with Tiger Aspect. Mobility brings a unique comic perspective to the universal experience of mucking about at the back of the school bus.”

David Simpson, executive producer for Tiger Aspect says: “Jack Carroll is an outstanding comic performer and the script he has written with Tom Gregory is laugh out loud funny with joyful comic characters. Audiences are going to love Mobility."

Mobility is written by comedian Jack Carroll and Tom Gregory.


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