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Shooting starts for a new Sky Original docu-series about the world's best-known environmental organisation.

In the five-part documentary series, Greenpeace Inside - Mission: Saving the Planet Sky accompanies activists for a year on their mission to save our planet, following them on a global journey to gain exclusive insights.

The film team not only accompanies the crew of the icebreaker "Arctic Sunrise" on their month-long journey off the coast of Africa to the eternal ice of Antarctica, but is also at the forefront of some of Greenpeace’s’ most spectacular and secretive campaigns. They also delve into the lesser-known side of Greenpeace, including their legal campaigns, scientific work at the highest level and political lobbying right at the heart of power.

For the first time, Greenpeace is also granting exclusive access to previously unaired material selected for the five-part Sky Original, from an 18,000 tape archive spanning fifty years.

Alongside previously unknown insights into the world's largest environmental protection organisation, the series hears from some of Greenpeace’s biggest critics, who look to evaluate the role of the NGO today. Is Greenpeace still up to date and can its actions continue to penetrate the media world? Or is there a danger of falling behind in the battle for worldwide attention compared to younger organizations like "Fridays for Future"?

The Sky Original production will air on Sky Documentaries and streaming service NOW in 2022.

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