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Miranda Hart has reportedly (via The Sun) confirmed that a fourth series of her hit sitcom 'Miranda' is on its way.

Miranda ran for three series, originally airing on BBC Two from 9th November 2009. The situation comedy revolved around 'socially inept' Miranda, who frequently found herself in awkward situations.

Miranda said (via The Sun): "A lot of lovely people have kept on asking for the return of Miranda so here we are and I hope everyone likes it."

Speaking to Gabby Roslin's podcast in Autumn 2021, Miranda previously said: "When you create characters like that, that you’ve lived with for a long time, they do become part of you. I do think of them from time to time, a bit like you would a friend that you haven’t seen for a while, ‘Oh, what would they be up to’...

She continued: "And so I’ve definitely had some thoughts of where they might be and what would happen with them all. The circumstances haven’t quite aligned. But it is something that I would say that I’m now not ruling out."

The show, filmed in front a live studio audience, featured regular actors including Sarah Hadland, Tom Ellis, Patricia Hodge, Sally Phillips, James Holmes and Bo Poraj.

The BBC have not commented on the reports.


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